Heightened Underwriting


Life Capital obtains policies directly from underlying policy owners, through a licensed provider, gathering underwriting information directly from the insured and their physicians, as well as insurance companies. No third-party submissions are accepted. 

Multiple independent life expectancies and multiple premium illustrations are obtained, ensuring the optimal control of each case that the fairest price is paid for each viatical or life settlement.  

Thorough underwriting, superior administration and timely claims filing procedures ensure that each policy will be optimally managed.

Steps of Protection


Life Capital uses Lerman Law Associates, PC, as their escrow agent to ensure there is no co-mingling of investor funds. Life Capital will escrow the annual premiums for the term of the life expectancy, plus one additional year.  

Policy Tracking


Life Capital ensures each policy is appropriately maintained throughout the insured’s life and that claims are submitted timely upon the insured’s passing. To track its policies, Life Capital 

1. Utilizes social security and obituary databases. 

2. Obtains periodic health statements from doctors for each insured. 

3. Obtains updated medical records periodically for each insured. 

4. Contacts insurance companies to ensure premiums are received and appropriately applied. 

5. Obtains verbal verifications of coverage.