Our Team


David Kligfeld - Life Capital, LLC


David Kligfeld is the Founder and Managing Member of Life Capital, LLC.

After attending the University of South Florida, in Tampa, Florida, David began employment as an EMT/Paramedic in Broward County, Florida.  

In 1985, David began his investment and financial experience with John Hancock, earning an annual President’s Club honor within his first six months. Since beginning his financial career, David has garnered extensive experience in the viatical settlement industry, extending for over 20 years, with 32 years of overall experience in investment sales. In connection with Mr. Kligfeld’s prior experience in viatical settlements, he has raised and provided investment capital of over $20 million. 

David is married with four children, and currently resides in Canton, Georgia.

Craig R. Lerman - Lerman Law Associates, PC

 Craig R. Lerman has practiced law since 2002, specializing in Business Law, Securities, and Estate Planning. He has been conferred the degree of “Juris Doctor” and a “Master in Business Administration” and is admitted to State Bar for the State of Georgia. 


Lerman Law Associates, PC has established a contractual relationship with Life Capital to act as escrow agent and handle the premium reserve account. Mr. Lerman will be responsible for paying life insurance policy premiums for the term of the LE, plus one additional year, therefore dispersing the monies in accordance with the terms of the escrow agreement.

Mr. Lerman is an attorney in good standing with the law firm of Lerman Law Associates, PC, an independent law firm established by him in Kennesaw, Georgia. Lerman Law Associates, PC also serves as main counsel for Life Capital, LLC.

Liberty Trust Corporation – Dallas, Texas

Life Capital uses Liberty Trust Corporation as an independent, self-directed IRA custodian to facilitate the direct asset transfers so that the investor may use qualified monies to fund their viatical purchase.